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Experienced SaaS product leader with a passion for writing what I have learned along my journey.
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When you are new to startup, advice is gold. While it’s okay to make mistakes along the way, counseling, mentoring, and learning from others who have tread in the steps before you can save you time, heartache, and the dollars entrusted to you.

I was the second hire at my startup and while I had twenty fantastic years of previous SaaS experience, I came green with startup experience. Fortunately, these last two years were spent born into a family of startups in the Midwest where everyone helps everyone. Encouragement and free advice has been plentiful. …

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As my readers know, I have been living life in my first startup over the last two years, having come from large, renowned corporations in my last twenty. The switch to startup was made to fulfill my curiosity as well as to experience something fresh and new. It didn’t disappoint! These last two years have been thrilling, adventurous, and rewarding.

Being the 1st hire after the Co-founder and CEO meant the opportunity to get to try on a few other different hats in between other hires. …

I just celebrated my 2nd work anniversary at my young startup, a milestone that is difficult to imagine when you first walk in that door.

I left a shiny city tower, riddled with perks and benefits, and took the leap of faith into being a part of a fresh, product-led startup with a working prototype, a passionate CEO, and a whiteboard of ideas to change the world.

There are so many things I have learned on this journey. Changes were necessary to my way of thinking for the last 20 years. New lenses were required for me to be a…

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A few years ago, I would have told you I hated meetings. Having sat in several large towers at high profile companies, one would think that you just accepted that meetings were bad and time-consuming but it was the job so you did meetings, crammed in your work, or you worked late and did it all over again the next day. But meetings sucked the joy out of my job and what I knew I could accomplish with a good team had they been run better.

The dread I felt having to leave my desk and participate in these was…

How startups can implement a product-led growth strategy

While the term “product-led growth” is becoming a more widely known business term outside of textbooks thanks to pioneers such as Slack and HubSpot, PLG is still a mystery when it comes to application and implementation. When they hear the words product-led growth, many sales-driven organizations get fearful that their product will sell them out of jobs (which is not true). Many well established B2B companies envy the model and try to find ways to adapt their product with mixed results.

Though adding hooks and calls to action to a website or product can seem simple, the product may require…

I am 5 months young into my first startup and proudly wear the badge of “employee no. 2.” My unusual and rewarding 20+ year career has brought me right where I feel I need to be at this moment in time, bringing with me a long list of skills and experience learned in previous corporate environments. However, I quickly discovered early that these skills required a different level of refinement to be useful in my new startup journey.


In larger organizations, your role is typically limited to the confines of a title. While there can be exceptions, typically when a…

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